Bali: 1 – 3 March 2019


In 2017 PHM Hospitality initiated the first 1O1 Travel Sketch event in Indonesia, paving the way for a movement for individuals and local communities to channel their love for travel, architecture, food and adventure through sketches.

The 1O1 Travel Sketch is a series of sketching opportunities designed to raise awareness of what each designated city can offer. The first edition was done in October 2017 in the city of Bogor, West Java. This was followed by the cities DI Yogyakarta, Bandung, Malang and Jakarta on November 2018. Each city showed off its best local heritage features, displaying a wealth of different architectural eras and culinary culture, giving each sketcher a variety of inspirations to choose from.

To start 2019, Bali has been chosen to host the first 1O1 TravelSketch international sketching event. The 1O1 International TravelSketch Bali edition will be held on March 1 – 3. Bali has been regarded as one of the worldly famous and fascinating islands among 17,000 of Indonesia’s islands. It is continuously ranked as one of the world’s top travel destinations, due to its ability to offer a holistic experience, from natural attractions, to culture, architecture, spiritual, adventure, and culinary seekers.

We have designed an unforgettable and exciting 3 day intensive TravelSketch journey specially for you sketch lovers.

Are you ready? Stay put for more information and registration.


  • Transportation from Fontana Hotel Bali to the venues (term & condition apply).
  • Refreshment with coffee & tea in all session.
  • On Day 1: Travel Sketch, Sharing Session, Dinner.
  • On day 2: Travel Sketch, Lunch, Dinner.
  • On day 3: Travel Sketch and Lunch.
  • All participants will get a goodie bag with: TShirt, Bucket Hat, Pin 1O1 Travelsketch, ID Badge, Map Sketching area, Drawing Pencil & Drawing Pen, Drawing Paper.



Don’t be afraid!. Trust your eyes.
by Sheila R. Putri – Jakarta

This workshop will teach the participants on how to draw using your eyes at the main tool. Sheila believes that many beginners struggle to begin drawing because they don’t know how to maximize their eyes as the main tool in drawing.

Level: Basic.
Tools: Papers, pencils and markers.

Creative Watercolor Textures for Urbansketching.
by Paul Wang feat. William Sim – Singapore

This workshop will take the participants on an exciting exploration through experiments of watercolor palette and textures. Paul and William aim to help enrich the participants experience with watercolor by adding emotion and expression into their works.

Level: Basic.
Tools: Watercolor papers (cold press), pencils, medium / large brushes, tissue or toilet paper and 4-6 watercolor in tubes or pans.

Reflection in Watercolor Painting.
by Irwan IWE – Bali

The workshop will explore various techniques in creating believable and mesmerizing reflection using watercolor wet on wet techniques. Irwan is an international watercolorist and reflection is one of his forté.

Level: Medium to Advance.
Tools: Rough Watercolor papers (Canson or Arches), water sprayer, tissue and various sizes of brushes.

Bali Atmosphere in Dramatic Composition.
by LK Bing (International Urban Sketcher)- Surabaya

Participants will learn from LK Bing, to be spontaneous and eclectic techniques that combine sketching and painting to create mood and dramatic atmosphere. With this workshop, participants can develop a better sense of spatial awareness on depth and sensitivity to tonal values.

Level: Medium to Advance.
Tools: Coldpress Watercolor Paper & General watercolour set.

Watercolor, Free and Fun.
by Achilles “Uhky Uhky” Estremos – Phillipines

This outdoor painting class will teach about shape, value changing in color, edges and center of interest through a free, and fun way of painting. Uhky’s techniques will not only teach the participants to loosen-up but also paint more freely and abstractly finding their own personal style.

Level: Medium to Advance.
Tools: Watercolor tubes, large size 300 gsm watercolor paper, various watercolor brushes, used plastic cards, tissue paper and tripod/easel (if any).

Expressive Sketching and Composition with Brushpen.
by Don Low – Singapore

Participants are going to train their hands on using the brush pen to give a wide range of line quality; from thin to thick lines creating rhythm; movement, and balance through effective use of shapes or patterns of light and darks. At the end of the workshop, the participants are expected to have a grasp at the true advantage and potential of using pen brush as their daily sketching tool.

Level: Medium to Advance.
Tools: Drawing board, sizeable sketchbook or drawing paper, Pentel brush pen (large and medium) and soft graphite pencil.

Sketching with Dry Twig & Chinese Ink.
by Kiah Kiean – Malaysia

KK (short for Kiah Kiean), who has been teaching this technique internationally for the past 7 years, will teach the participants how to make their own sketching tools from dry twigs and dish washing sponge. They will also explore the use of Chinese ink as the main medium and the traditional Chinese ink painting concept of leaving white as well as the basic technique of dots, lines and shapes.

Level: Medium to Advance.
Tools: Dry twig and Chinese ink.

Creating Dynamic Value with Pencil Rendering.
by Rudy Ao – Bali

Rudi will teach about his favorite tool of trade, pencil. It will explore the many aspects of pencil as a basic but yet sophisticated tool in sketching. Through this workshop the participants will learn about shadow and highlights, tones and dynamic value in order to become a more effective sketchers.

Level: Medium to Advance.
Tools: Hot Press paper, 0.7 Mechanical Pencil 4B and electrical eraser.

Let’s Draw a Character.
by Nadia Mahatmi & Sketchwalker – Jakarta

The magical island of Bali is filled with legends and stories. It’s inspired Nadia, a college teacher from Jakarta, to share her love for character drawing and coloring through her workshop. Children will learn how to combine their imagination and the surrounding legends into their drawing.

Level: Kids.
Tools: A5 size paper, bound and cut in half, drawing pencils, eraser and colored pencils and etc.

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